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Dual Wafer Check Valve (DWCV)

Dual Wafer Check Valve (DWCV)

Dual’s Flow Valve operates on the discharge side of the pump. As the flow through the pipeline starts or stops, the ball automatically rises or falls, opening or closing the valve. The handwheel is there to lock the ball into position. The handwheel can be used to isolate, but with back pressure. The Dual Valve can work in both the horizontal and vertical mounting.

DWCV Features

The Dual Flow Valve is the only proven maintenance and trouble-free slurry valve in the world, boasting a free rotating ball which allows for self-cleaning. This also increases the wear life of both the ball and the valve. The Dual Flow Valve also replaces 2 valves in a pipeline as it acts both as a control valve and isolation valve when maintenance is required on the pipeline.

Valve Specifications

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  • Fabricated from High Quality Carbon Steel.
  • Valve can be lined in Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Hypalon, Ceramic and Polyurethane.
  • Ball and seat are replaceable.
  • Valve Body & Face To Face can be adjusted to match customer specifications.
  • Valve can be fitted with all types of actuators.


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  • Valve is constructed from High Quality Carbon Steel.
  • Ball core is cast or fabricated based on pressure rating.
  • Seats have a mild steel insert for structure.
  • Consumables are electro-galvanised Grade 8.8.

Pressure Rating

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The valve is suited from 10 Bar to 100 Bar pressure rating.

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