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Dual Swing Check Valve (DSCV)

Dual Swing Check Valve (DSCV)

Dual’s Swing Check Valves embody which is designed to swing out of the line of fluid flow at maximum capacity. The seat is off-set from horizontal and is hinge positioned so that the gravitational action causes the valve to close in proportion to the reduction in fluid flow. The valves can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

As an optional extra, an extended hinge pin permits the fitting of an outside lever and weight to effect closure immediately, thereby eliminating slamming. A door position indicator can also be fitted.

Rubber disc valves suitable for pressures up to 1000kPa are also available.

DSCV Features

Perfect sealing.

Maintenance free.

Low head losses.

Minimum back pressure for tightness 0.3 to 0.5 Bar.

Removable bonnet for cleaning or replacing of check disc.

Full bore.

Silent, non-slam, reduces pipe hammer.

Simple construction – one moving part.


50mm – 600mm

(For larger sizes consult factory).


-10°C to +80°C.


See table below

(For higher pressure consult factory).


Stainless Steel, SG42 Cast Iron, Rubber and Urethane lined.

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