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Dual Ball / Check Valves

The Dual Ball / Check Valve Range

The Dual Ball Check Valves have all been designed to function under the harsh conditions of mining and mineral processing, these valves all come with the Dual stamp of approval. All valves are manufactured and tested to ISO 2015. We pride ourselves in being the leader in the valve slurry industry.

What Makes the Ball Check Valve Unique?

With the heart of the valve being the Polyurethane Ball used to seal the valve when the line is shut off. The Ball is constructed of a steel insert with bracing and then Polyurethane coated in a Shore 90 Hardness Urethane to ensure longevity.

What Pressure Can the Ball Check Valves Take?

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We have constructed valves that have been built to a working pressure of 150 Bar or 2000 Psi.

Valve Linings

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The Ball Check Valves can be lined in a variety of materials. Natural Rubber, Polyurethane, Butyl, Neoprene and Ceramic lined. All dependant on customer request and valve application.

Face to Face and Flange Drilling

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Dual can construct the valve to match any Face to Face required and any flange drilling. Please enquire with our sales team for more information.

DDCV - Dual Diaphragm Check Valve

The Diaphragm Check Valve is drip-proof and may be mounted in any position.

DDNRV - Dual Double Non-Return Valve

Both pumps can run simultaneously or independently without any back flow to the other pump.

DDV - Dual DASHLEY Double Ball Check Valve

Both pumps can run simultaneously or independently without any back flow to the other pump.

DDWV - Dual Dewatering In Line Ball Check Valve

The DDWV protects the pipeline from siphoning when the pump is not in operation. There is no pressure drop across the valve.

DFFSCV - Dual Flapper Flex Swing Check Valve

The seat is offset and is hinge positioned so that the gravitational action causes the valve to close in proportion to the reduction in flow.

DFFV - Dual Free Flow Slurry Ball Check Valve

Operates on the discharge side of the pump. The ball allows for movement without any noticeable shock or hammer.

DFSV - Dual Flo-Stop Valve

The flo-stop valve has a reinforced stainless steel ball. The ball lifts out of the liquid without any interference.

DFV - Dual Valve

The Dual Valve’s handwheel can be used to isolate, but with back pressure.

DINCV - Dual In-Line Check Valve

Dual’s In-Line Check Valves are designed to handle abrasive slurries, sewage, sludge and other difficult materials.

DPV - Dual Pump Protection Valve

The DPV has been designed and manufactured to provide protection against excessive fluid temperature rises.

DSCV - Dual Swing Check Valve

Dual’s Swing Check Valves embody a flap which is designed to swing out of the line of fluid flow at maximum capacity.

DSFFV - Dual Slimline Ball Non-Return Valve

Dual’s Slimline Valve’s heart is a reinforced urethane or rubber ball. The unique design of the valve allows free movement of the ball.

DSSCV - Dual Slurry Swing Check Valve

The DSSCV is particular well suited for harsh highly abrasive flow control applications.                            

Other Services

Valve Repairs

Dual Valves can repair valves that have been damaged due to wear and tear from usage on slurry and other lines.


Dual Valves can be fitted with various different types of actuators, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric.

Sandblast & Paint Spec

We use shot-blast, 2.5 grit on all Dual valves and a 2 stage Epoxy coat to ensure the best quality and longevity on site.

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