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Dual  Resilient Seal Valve (DRSV)

Dual Resilient Seal Valve (DRSV)

Dual’s Resilient Seal Valve is specifically for heavy abrasive and corrosive slurries. The gate is completely rubber or urethane coated which ensures drop-tightness from zero to maximum working pressure, even under most adverse working conditions. The Gate is designed for maximum distortion of the Resilient Seal, equal distribution of sealing pressure


DRSV Features

Available in Rising or Non-rising spindle.

Accurately-moulded and completely rubber-coated spheroidal graphite iron gate ensure drop-tightness from zero to maximum working pressure even under the most harsh working conditions. The gate is designed for minimum distortion to the resilient seal, equal distribution of sealing pressure in all directions with a capacity to accept foreign matter and still seal tight. 

Straight, unobstructed body passage without pocket as well as inclined seats and gate guides eliminate deposits in the valve body.

Long and accurate guides, fully support the gate in all positions.

Highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Modern shell-moulded process ensure accurate and interchangeable components with smooth services increase the corrosion resistance.

Easy maintenance. All components can readily be replaced by unskilled personnel without special tools and without removing the body from the pipeline.

Electrostatic epoxy powder coating (that has great surface protection) is available as an extra option.

Valve body can be lined with Rubber, Urethane or Ceramic epoxy.

Valve seals in both directions.

Back seal permits the gland packing to be replaced while under pressure.

Valves comply with SABS 664 and 665.

Wedge for positive seal.

Highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

No Pressure drop.

Light weight construction.

Clockwise closing.

Full bore valve body.


Hydrostatic Test Pressures:

PN25 Body: 5.0MPa

Seat: 2.5MPa


Maximum working pressure for liquids and gasses at temperatures up to 90˚C: 2.5MPa.

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