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All our products are designed with longevity and ease of maintenance in mind. Each product has been engineered around a function and each can be custom specced to customer requirements.

Dual Lined Knife Gate

DLKG - Dual Lined Knife Gate Valve

The Dual Lined Knife Gate valve is designed for full on/off abrasive and corrosive applications.

DWKG - Dual Wafer Knife Gate Valve

The Dual Wafer Knife Gate Valve has been designed as a space saving option for slurry applications.

DFKG - Dual Flanged Knife Gate Valve

The rubber sleeves are designed to withstand the harsh abrasive duty within the mining and milling industry.

DFHPKG - Dual Flanged High Pressure Knife Gate Valve

Isolation provided by the gate passing through the sleeve in such a manner that any solids that could potentially clog or jam the blade are purged out.

DSSLKG - Dual Severe Service Lined Knife Gate Valve

The valve features a robust peri-material seal that provides a bubble tight shut off with replaceable liners.

DDGV - Dual Diverter Gate Valve

Heavy duty yet light weight and compact design. Allows for quick installation and is self cleaning with no allowance for material build up.

DOPGV - Dual O-Port Gate Valve

The O-Port Gate Valve has a stainless steel gate machined with a round orifice port, in line with seat ID when the valve is in the open position.

DRDSV - Dual Rotary Disc Sleeve Valve

No pressure drops, no blockages or leakages. Seals in both directions. Long wear life.

DRDV - Dual Rotary Disc Valve

DRDV is a unique rotating gate valve designed specifically for heavy abrasive and corrosive slurries.

DRDWSGV - Dual Rotary Disc Wafer Sleeve Gate Valve

Disc can be replaced in situ and can be repaired in line. Deflection cone reduces seat wear.

DRSV - Dual Resilient Seal Valve

The DRSV is specifically for heavy abrasive and corrosive slurries. The gate is designed for maximum distortion of the resilient seal.

DSGV - Dual Slide Gate Valve

Ideal for handling flow in a bulk material handling system. The outlet port is larger than the inlet port ensuring no blockages.

DWGV - Dual Wedge Gate Valve

The DWGV is a medium duty general purpose Wedge Gate valve and is highly suitable for various applications.

DPFGV - Dual Pivot Flanged Gate Valve

Built with a steel body and features a heavy-duty Stainless Steel gate. Provides faster operation and occupies less vertical space.

DPHPGV - Dual Pivot High Pressure Gate Valve

Low maintenance required with bubble tight shutoff and zero downstream leakage.

DPWGV - Dual Pivot Wafer Gate Valve

When opened the gate is fully pivoted out the way through the Dual Ring Sleeves from the side, eliminating the damage to the sleeves.

DDCV - Dual Diaphragm Check Valve

The Diaphragm Check Valve is drip-proof and may be mounted in any position.

DDNRV - Dual Double Non-Return Valve

Both pumps can run simultaneously or independently without any back flow to the other pump.

DDV - Dual DASHLEY Double Ball Check Valve

Both pumps can run simultaneously or independently without any back flow to the other pump.

DDWV - Dual Dewatering In Line Ball Check Valve

The DDWV protects the pipeline from siphoning when the pump is not in operation. There is no pressure drop across the valve.

DFFSCV - Dual Flapper Flex Swing Check Valve

The seat is offset and is hinge positioned so that the gravitational action causes the valve to close in proportion to the reduction in flow.

DFFV - Dual Free Flow Slurry Ball Check Valve

Operates on the discharge side of the pump. The ball allows for movement without any noticeable shock or hammer.

DFSV - Dual Flo-Stop Valve

The flo-stop valve has a reinforced stainless steel ball. The ball lifts out of the liquid without any interference.

DFV - Dual Valve

The Dual Valve’s handwheel can be used to isolate, but with back pressure.

DINCV - Dual In-Line Check Valve

Dual’s In-Line Check Valves are designed to handle abrasive slurries, sewage, sludge and other difficult materials.

DPV - Dual Pump Protection Valve

The DPV has been designed and manufactured to provide protection against excessive fluid temperature rises.

DSCV - Dual Swing Check Valve

Dual’s Swing Check Valves embody a flap which is designed to swing out of the line of fluid flow at maximum capacity.

DSFFV - Dual Slimline Ball Non-Return Valve

Dual’s Slimline Valve’s heart is a reinforced urethane or rubber ball. The unique design of the valve allows free movement of the ball.

DSSCV - Dual Slurry Swing Check Valve

The DSSCV is particular well suited for harsh highly abrasive flow control applications.                            

DPVE - Dual Pinch Valve Enclosed

The enclosed valve protects the sleeve. 

DPVO - Dual Pinch Valve Open Type

The DPVO has an easily replaceable, flexible rubber sleeve. 

DSPV - Dual Single Pinch Valve

The DSPV has a double-ended enclosed body with easily replaceable, flexible rubber sleeves.

DSTPV - Dual Straight Through Pinch Valve

The valves are suited for on/off and throttling control applications involving slurries, powders, liquids and granulated materials.

DPPV - Dual Pneumatic Pinch Valve

Actuated by means of air or Hydraulic Fluid, the valve body acts as an Actuator.

DPPV-L - Dual Pneumatic Pinch Valve Large

Similar to the DPPV the DPPV-L can range from 400mm-2100mm.

DLPOPV - Dual Low Pressure Open Frame Pinch Valve

The valve consists of a tough, but flexible full bore sleeve, which forms part of the pipeline.

DARV - Dual Air Release Valve

Tri-functional air valve that not only breaks vacuum, but also reduces surge on pipeline filling and releases air under operating conditions.

DSARV - Dual Slurry Air Release Valve

Automatically releases air from the pipeline when filled and stops air from entering the pipeline when emptied.

DWTDV - Dual Weir Type (WO-Type) Diaphragm Valve

All bodies and bonnets are made from high grade SG42 Cast Iron and are suitable for lining.

DSTDV - Dual Straight Through Diaphragm Valve

Valve is closed mechanically via movement of a compressor gate which is located above the diaphragm.

DPDV - Dual Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

Actuated by means of air or hydraulic fluid, the valve acts as an actuator.

DDAPA - Dual Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Dual’s Pneumatic actuators have been designed to have an impact strength of 4012OD ft-lbs, which makes the actuator much more dent-resistant then aluminium or brass.

DBG - Dual Bevel Gearbox

The Bevel Gearbox is designed to accept the full thrust forces which occur during opening and closing of the valve, reducing manual rim effort when operating.

DARB - Dual Abrasion Resistant Balls

All balls are manufactured in South Africa using Dual’s own techniques and expertise to the highest International quality standards.

DRS - Dual Ring Sleeves

Designed to maintain the roundness and support the sleeve under high pressure conditions.


DPVS - Dual Pinch Valve Sleeves

Handmade, layer by layer, in a quality process to withstand agressive, abrasive and corrosive conditions.

DVD - Dual Valve Diaphragms

Handmade, layer by layer, in a quality process to withstand agressive, abrasive and corrosive conditions.

DDC - Dual Deflection Cones

A metal cone clamped between the upstream valve flange and the adjacent pipe flange.


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