Dual Rotary disc wafer sleeve valve (DRDWSV)

Dual’s Rotary Disc Wafer Sleeve Valve is a unique rotating disc valve designed specifically for heavy abrasive and corrosive slurries.T he Patented design allows the valve to cycle in heavy slurries without jamming and has a ring seat sleeve that can be replaced when worn.The valve can be used to control and throttle the flow. Zero discharge to atmosphere.


  • No pressure drop.
  • No blockage or leakage,
  • Disc can be replaced in situ.
  • Low torque.
  • Long we life (due to rotating gateidisc).
  • Self cleaning gate action.
  • Seals in both directions.
  • Wedge for position seal.
  • Cutaway to clean seating area.
  • Fabricated valves can be repaired in line.
  • Sleeve out of flow when in open position.
  • Deflection cone
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