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Dual Pivot Gate Valves

The Dual Pivot Gate Valve Range

The Dual Pivot Gate Valves are a patented Dual design whereby the valve rotates on the pivot point and the gate moves through the Dual ring sleeves from the side eliminating the damage caused to the sleeves by the traditional gate blade.

What Makes the Pivot Gate Valves Unique?

The Dual Pivot Gate Valves have all been designed with removable sleeves on either side of the gate to provide a bi-directional bubble tight seal, with no metal parts in contact with the flowing slurry in open position.

What Pressure Can the Pivot Gate Valves Take?

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We have constructed valves that have been built to a working pressure of 50 Bar or 740 Psi.

Valve Bodys

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The Pivot Gate Valves are all manufactured out of fabricated carbon steel.

Face to Face and Flange Drilling

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Dual can construct the valve to match any Face to Face required and any flange drilling. Please enquire with our sales team for more information.

DPFGV - Dual Pivot Flanged Gate Valve

Built with a steel body and features a heavy-duty Stainless Steel gate. Provides faster operation and occupies less vertical space.

DPHPGV - Dual Pivot High Pressure Gate Valve

Low maintenance required with bubble tight shutoff and zero downstream leakage.

DPWGV - Dual Pivot Wafer Gate Valve

When opened the gate is fully pivoted out the way through the Dual Ring Sleeves from the side, eliminating the damage to the sleeves.

Other Services

Valve Repairs

Dual Valves can repair valves that have been damaged due to wear and tear from usage on slurry and other lines.


Dual Valves can be fitted with various different types of actuators, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric.

Sandblast & Paint Spec

We use shot-blast, 2.5 grit on all Dual valves and a 2 stage Epoxy coat to ensure the best quality and longevity on site.

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