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Dual Dewatering In Line Ball Check Valve (DDWV)

Dual Dewatering In Line Ball Check Valve (DDWV)

Dual’s Dewatering In Line Ball Check Valve should be isolated on the discharge side of the dewatering pump. The unique design of the valve allows free movement of the ball to open and close on reflux. Preventing the pump from turning in the wrong direction. The valve also protects the pipeline from siphoning when the pump is not in operation. There is no pressure drop across the valve.

DDWV Features

The Flo-Stop is the only proven maintenance and trouble-free dewatering valve in the world with the following features:

Perfect sealing.

Ease of installation. 

Maintenance free.

Silent, non-slamming.

No pipe hammer.

Can be mounted in any position.

Low head losses.

Non clogging, self cleaning ball.

Prevents syphoning of valve.

Prevents pump from rotating in the opposite direction.

No scale build up on seat or ball.

Full bore.

Fabricated valves face-to-face can be altered to suit different types of valve face-to-face dimensions.

Simple construction – one moving part.


80mm – 500mm.


10 Bar – 60 Bar.


Ball Non-return valve.


-10°C to +80°C.



Mine water underground.

Heavy, thick and viscous liquid.

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